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This short course will teach you how to systemise your video production planning that will ensure a successful production every time. I reveal five questions you need to consider to ensure success for your video projects.

How to Ensure Repeatable Success in Your Video Productions

Follow this tried and tested simple guide to create a cohesive strategy for making your videos regardless of genre

Failing to plan, is planning to fail. This is so true in video production. Why? Because the video production activity is complex and requires a number of cumulative  tasks to be successfully completed in order to achieve your desired result. 

Yes, whipping out a smartphone and hitting record might succeed. But I’m willing to bet that a lot of thinking went behind that action before the filmmaker actually hit that record button. What was that thinking and systemising it to ensure a successful production every time is the subject of this course. I’m going to reveal to you the five steps needed that ensure success in your video endeavours.

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Meet Your Instructor

Producer & Director

Mahmood Al-Yousif

Mahmood is an award winning entrepreneur and filmmaker. He has a passion for telling stories. He loves helping businesses tell theirs in a lucid, compelling and creative way through corporate videos and other modern communications tools. He draws on a wealth of experience gained in various business and professional capacities to enable him to continue to positively and creatively contribute to the communication medium.

Mahmood is an award winning pioneer of electronic communications in the Middle East. He founded Stray Cats BBS - one of the first Bulletin Board Services in the region in 1986 which he later followed with “Mahmood’s Den”, one of the first blogs in the Middle East and it became highly influential. Mahmood's Den was cited in several publications and books and has been nominated and won several influential awards.

Mahmood founded and operated award wining boutique video production houses based in Bahrain with clients and productions all over the world.

He continues to innovate in the field of communications and has been invited to many panels, workshops, seminars and activities all over the world to share his experience and expertise.